We Are Committed to Your Eye sight.

Get a comprehensive eye exam at Baus Optical; everyone has a right to good sight.

It is recommended to get an eye exam by a qualified ophthalmologist or optometrist,Baus Optical is your better choice. 

At least once a year or as prescribed by your doctor. Many sight threatening disorders like Cataracts, Retinitis, and Refractive e.t.c can be diagnosed from a simple eye test.


Be cool and wear shades.

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eyes and a simple pair of sunglasses could prevent the damage from UVA and UVB.Ask your optometrist for reputable brands that have 100% protection.


Eat Health

Foods rich in omega 3 like fishvitamin CA and E, like carrots, oranges and leafy green vegetables like Wales and spinach.

For computer users; digital screens like computers, laptops, Tv’s Smartphone’s and tablets emit blue light which damages the retina if exposed for long. This can be countered by using, blue cut lenses that can be prescribed by your optometrist. Your optometrist can test your eyes and depending on the screen that you use advice on the best practice to suit your visual needs e.g. desktop computers and laptops are used at different distance and heights and require different approaches. Best practices include taking breaks regularly 20/20/20 rule after 20minutes of work, 20feet away or further for 20 seconds and blink frequently.

Primary Care

At Baus Optical Co. Ltd, we are committed to giving the best eye care experience that is more than just an eye test. We tailor and personalize our services to suite your specific visual needs. Visit us at any of our branches countrywide and get the experience

Flexible appointments and urgent care.

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